The project has been well thought out. Designs and estimates are created. Engineering, permits – so much has gone into your beautiful new monument sign. Time for the landscaping.
So many times the type of landscaping plants are not considered in the project. Just make it look nice. Then a couple months later, you can’t even see the monument. Those plants that were to enhance the sign have now matured and taken over.

Monument sign covered with landscaping
Carefully planning the landscaping and the monument sign collectively is not common but should be considered. Your substantial investment deserves the proper embellishment.

Monument sign with water feature and beautiful landscaping
If you choose to have your landscaper do the planting independently of the sign, here are a few guidelines to ensure a sucessful outcome:
1. Matured plant height should be not taller than 6” below the lettering or sign panel.
2. Taller plants on the sides will create a frame for your Monument sign.
3. Utilizing low spreading evergreens will offer up year round appeal.
4. Choose a color scheme that will enhance your sign, not compete with it.
5. If you have ground lighting, consider the angle of the lighting prior to placement of the plants. You don’t want strange shadows thrown on the sign face making it impossible to read at night.

Here are a few plant and shrub suggestions:
1. Boxwood. Although it can grow to a height of 5’ it can be easily trimmed and shaped. This shrub requires constant upkeep to keep it from blocking your sign and would work best placed to the sides of the monument.Boxwood
2. Lavender. Grows to a height of 24″ – 36″. Drought resistantand can even survive in sandy soil. This plant works best placed to the sides of your monument sign.Lavender
3. Christmas Holly. Grows to a height of 15” in full sun or part shade. Dark green leaves and red berries offer a dramatic show.Christmas Holly
4. Blue Star Juniper. This evergreen grows to a maximum height of 2’ and offers a showy blue color.
blue star juniper

5. Daphne. This very slow growing shrub grows to a height of 18”, has variegated leaves and purple flowers.Daphne
6. Moonshadow Euonymus. Green and gold shrub grows to 3’ tall and can be trained to climb walls. This shrub works best placed to the sides of your monument sign.Moonshadow Euonymus
7. Tuscan Sun Perennial Sunflower. Grows to a height of 15” in full sun to partial shade & has an extended blooming season.Tuscan Sun Perennial Sunflower
8. Aster. Fall blooming plant grows in full sun to a height of 12 – 16”.Aster
9. Vinca Minor aka Periwinkle. Evergreen ground cover with showy purple flowers grows to a height of 6″.Vinca Minor
10. Adnophora Liliifolia aka Ladybells. Grows to a height of 18” and is a prolific spreader. Delicate purple bells atop a light green foliage.ladybells
11. Coral Bells. The dainty bell-shaped flowers on long stems grow to a height of 18” and are resistant to disease, drought and pests.Coral Bells
12. Blanket Flower. This tough, hardy perennial grows to a height of 15” and is drought and deer resistant.Blanket Flower
13. Hosta. These easy to grow, shade loving plants come in a wide variety of foliage colors, and textures. Tall stems with lily-like flowers present in spring. Maximum height is anywhere from 4″ to 3′, depending on the variety.Hosta
14. Candytuft. This evergreen ground cover grows to a height of 8” – 10” and is blanketed in white blooms. Note: not all Candytuft is perennial.Candytuft
Of course with all garden planning you’ll need to take into consideration what zone you’re in, your soil type, light and water availiblity. Happy gardening!