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Please be prepared to provide the following specifications to fulfill your order.

  • Size – Indicate a size of letter or signage area you would like to cover. If you are using a logo type or custom style letter, please give us the EPS vector format for your logo so we can manipulate to size requirements for pricing. For stock typestyles, please refer to these Plastic and Cast Metal charts (PDFs will open in a new window).
  • Finish – Many finishes are available including polish, satin (aka brush finish), etched, and painted. Custom finishes upon request.
  • Color – If a specific color is required, please provide the PMS color(s) or a sample which we will return to you upon request. Samples can be mailed, couriered or dropped off to us so that we can be certain to apply the proper color or colors.
  • Thickness – Since most letters and logos are custom made, thickness is your choice. Some popular thicknesses are quarter inch (1/4″), three-eighths inch (3/8″) and half inch (1/2″) for laminates and solid cut metal letters for type or logos. Fabricated metal letters can be produced from one to five inches (1-5″) in depth.
  • Installation – If you have a preference, please let us know your preferred installation method. Or consult with us regarding the method best suited to your project (e.g., stud mount, tape-and-glue mount. Click here for Interior Re/Max Installation instructional video
  • Interior Sign Conceptuals– Use these guidelines when ordering interior lobby and office signage. Click here for guidelines

Please proceed to the Quick Quote page to specify these points so that we may complete your quotation or order.