Custom Interior Signs

Architectural Signs has been one of the Industry’s leaders in metals, plastics, woods, and stones of all kinds for office signs, lobby signs, and corporate signs.
Interior letters and logos are made to your specifications and needs as well as stock letters for convenient quick and easy installation.

Interior letters and logos can also be made from laminate materials which cover a vast variety of finishes.

If you choose to use the materials that you have in your office, we can use them in the manufacturing of your signage also.


By clicking on the links on the bottom left side of the screen, you will be able to view pictures and descriptions of types of Lobby Signs and Plaques, available in your custom logo and letter finishes of your choice. After determining the finish you desire, please go to Quick Quote and give a brief description of your sign preference—be it brass or aluminum or any other material or finish.

By providing us with the estimated size of the signage area you choose to cover, or the actual size of letters and logo you would like, we will be able to get back to you with your custom designed signage in the materials of your choice.

A real person will call if necessary to discuss all options and finishes available that best meet your specifications and needs.

Most custom made orders are specific to your needs, so close detail is considered in determining the best look you can achieve in a timely manner.